Watery Wednesday

My photo was taken at Frankenmuth, Michigan. This is one of the fountains there and as a newbie of water photography who still trying to figure out how to make the water dreamy this is what it come out.

                               This photo are from different exposure. Which one do you think is nice.
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imriz said…
i wish i could learn how to make 'water dreamy' photos. i like the 1st one,looks like a sculptured crystal.
Tricia said…
wonderful water pics!
Cecilia Artista said…
I think both pictures came out very well! The first one has a very nice light!
Denise said…
I enjoyed both your photos, even without that dreamy quality you mentioned. I need to learn that kind of thing also but I think these are still great photos you took.
Shirley said…
I like them both but find the first photo has a structural appearance, more shape, to the water.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Pam said…
I love your header picture, Kim.
Water, water every where but sadly not to play in ):
jeannette said…
All beginning is hard, but you'll find your way through it:) Thought of a photo class?
Sorry that I can visit you only now. I have such a limited time in our computer. I love the photo and I think the first photo is the better one. Oh I love your new template, very photographic ang dating. I hope you are all fine and in the best of health. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.
Clarissa said…
I love the first one,Ate Kim--dramatic ang dating^_^
Ako rin newbie sa photography,sana mag-improve din ako.

Thanks for dropping by,Ate Kim^_^
George said…
I think you did a good job of getting pictures that had a dreamy look. These are both wonderful photos.
The top photo has a more realistic look to the water, I think. By the way, you might want to know that your blog is very slow loading! Not sure why.
eden said…
I love both. Wonderfully captured, Kim.
Both are impressive!

Thanks for dropping by, Kim...
bubbling up
from some secret source—
the fountain

Sensational Watery Grace!
Dhemz said…
wow! that is awesome shot tkim...nice kau te....love it!
Great bubbly photos. The lighter one looks better to me. Did the camera get wet?

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