Spice rack

Today is my BIL and step-son birthday and so later today we are going to have a dinner somewhere. But this morning I went to my SIL house to help her decorate the  birthday cakes. It's my first time to help decorate a cake and I am so excited about it. By noon we are done decorating and it was really beautiful. While I was in there in their  beautiful kitchen I saw a beautiful spice rack. Spice racks is one of my favorite things to give to someone as a gift and of course for my own kitchen.
But when I saw her wall spice rack in her panty I again feel in love with it. I only have countertop spice rack but her wall spice rack can contain a lot of different spice and it's pretty neat. I asked her where she bought it and she gave me the website for all the kitchen spice racks that I could possibly found. And she was right when I checked on the website I had a problem figuring out what to order hehe.


Ann said…
Do you use all the spices in your rack? Once I was given one, and I used only pepper, and when I moved to Singapore, my husband threw it away.
Kim, USA said…
Hi Ann not all but at least half of it I used them in fact I already fill some of it. My hubby loves cinnamon and that was the first one that consumed the first ^_^

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