Playing online

We had a very good dinner last night we celebrated three birthdays, it's my DH Aunt, Uncle and nephew's birthday. It was fun seeing and talking to families most specially when our food arrived that was the best part ^_^. I was seated next to my DH nephew's partner and we talked about his liking in playing online. I asked about what kind of game he played he said it's about an Online Casino, hmmm that should be fun. I asked him if does it feel the same as going to a real casino and he said yes and he had his own losses and winnings too. 
He told me when he was laid off from work he was home bound. But he was not sorry about it he find time to work around the house, he painted, do garden work and baby sit. But when he was done all the house hold  work it was time for him to sit down in front of the computer and then he play games. It was his friend who showed him how to play Online Casinos and he was hooked not addicted but just to play around. And for him as he told me, it's very important to know where to find the Best Online Casinos and he just knew where to find it.
It was fun talking to Lou last night I discover a lot of things about what he told me. And I am also envious about how much he won and not so envious about his losses ^_^. And I am also happy that he didn't missed his work that much because his hands is full just working at home. Now I am  going to check  the websites that he gave to me, ciao!


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