Here are my stripes for this week theme.
A wasp black and yellow stripes
A carnival stripe
A Zebra stripe

A duck yellow and black stripes dress

Hmmmm a barbeque stripe

The red and white stripe the USA flag!!
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George said…
You found some great stripes to share. I like the stripes in the flag, of course, but the stripes on the duck made me smile and the stripes on the barbecue made me hungry.
bensrib said…
Hi Kim! Love the yellowjacket! Great photo!
I love everything you chose for stripes.
jams o donnell said…
An excellent choice of stripes! I love the wasp photo
ewok1993 said…
great take on the theme, wonderful stripes.
fredamans said…
That bee is dead now, he stung me last week.

Great photos!
Jama said…
Pretty stripes, I love the first one.
imriz said…
nice finds, manang kim, watta stripes huh:)
carolsphotos said…
Great stripes! I love the wasp photo.

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