Honk for life

Yes,  two times now since I knew that down the road (10 miles) from our house there is an abortion clinic, I honk when I passed that clinic. I've known it last Sunday after I read our church magazine that their will be a prayer vigil for a month in this particular area. I forgot it at first but when we did our grocery shopping that Sunday afternoon and saw people with banners and placards "honk for life" and "save babies" I did honk for support.
Look at the right side of my blog and you can find my abortion ticker. And it says since 2000 we aborted 13+++ million babies!!! And we complain why we are at the mess right now? I don't think so that our God is happy of what we are doing. I don't know with other religion what they believe in but with my Christian faith I do believe that life will be protected.
There are so many women who get pregnant what came in their mind is abortion and it's reality. It did happened to so many but many also choose not to. And listening to their stories amazes me. With my DH family for example, his daughter was told by this doctor that they should abort her 2 baby because of some problems in her health. My DH daughter was devastated at first but she told  that doctor she is not going to abort her baby. Well the baby came out no health problem and now she is a mom herself!! Another DH granddaughter got pregnant but not married to her boyfriend. When she found out that she was pregnant she think of aborting the baby but her father (my DH son) told her to not ever do it. Thankfully, she didn't because today she is a very pretty little girl who has a smile on her face that could light up the entire room of her wits and charisma and she is in K2!! And she told her mom she loves to go to school hahaha!
And I also have stories that some women after abortion got depressed, frustrated and just life sucks to them!! I have no right to judge them but I do pray for them. I so pray and hope that abortion is going to stop!


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