Wow it's Friday once again and it's the Halloween weekend. I think people had a lot of activities in store this weekend and I just do hope that everybody is safe.
Today one of what I am going to do before we go Forest Haunting is to wash clothes. And while waiting I am going to clean too, talking about multi-tasking huh!! Hubby once told me that I don't need to do that because he found out that I got crumpy after the whole day of being busy. Well, see if I get crumpy hehe but I knew I won't let myself get too tired. Speaking of cleaning I saw yesterday the furniture my step-daughter had an eye on it. She didn't purchase it yet but she look at it all the time in the website. Well, I don't blame her the furniture are just awesome most specially that she wanted to put it in their cabin up north. I told her to take it because it's really gorgeous.


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