Dvault mailbox

Wow it's Monday again and so far here in MI we had the very best weather so far. Though the leaves start  to fall and the colors are very pretty but never that it was too cold unlike last year. Yesterday, of course we went to church after attending mass hubby and I went for brunch. We went home and change clothes then we visited Aunt Mary and stayed at her apartment for a while. Aunt Mary is already living in a Senior apartment, which is very cozy and just beautiful. Well what I noticed in there is their beautiful Dvault mailbox. Dvault is most likely the best of all the mailboxes because when I looked at it close, it looked heavy duty. And that is what we need for a mailbox right? We don't need mailboxes that just one blow it will topple down that's a waste of money for me.
After we visited Aunt Mary we went for grocery shopping and we saw my DH's daughter. So she invited us for a dinner at her house. After we are done with our grocery shopping we immediately drove to her house. We were eating when our conversation shifted to what happened to our neighborhood now. We live in Suburban area far from the city but you couldn't believe that crimes do happened. One thing that house owners has a problem is that their mailboxes are vandalized!! It's kind of hard to pin point who is the culprit because nobody sees nobody. That's when we talked also about how durable and weak some of the mailboxes. The FIL of my step-daughter told us that since they  knew about Dvault mailboxes they don't have any problems about it. And he said that Dvault company offer free shipping and for sure their products are durable. That makes hubby and I think about changing our mailbox because one time our mailbox was also vandalized. And it was no fun at all! 


George said…
I don't know what 'fun' some people see in destroying mailboxes, but I'm glad there are durable mailboxes available.

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