Coffee lover

Yay it's Monday once again and definitely Fall is here. I woke up very early and couldn't go back to sleep so I decided to get up and prepare coffee. When I go out it's so cold, coffee is just right to perk up the mood.
I noticed whoever you are what country you came from, aside from water and wine people loves coffee, right? In our household which there is only  two of us me and my hubby love coffee. I like coffee that has a flavored on it. I was in my step-daughter in law for a girls night out when I happened to see her new coffee maker and I immediately smitten by it. She called it coffee pods and mind you the flavors are so great. It's like that you go to a gourmet coffee shop because it taste a million bucks. She also shared to us how she knew about K-cups it's because of her sister who lives in New York. From then on she was hooked on it and not just her but also her husband.
After that night I shared it to my friends about what I discovered. I told them about what I have just tasted which is affordable and easy to order and that is coffee. Which they also like because they all coffee lover. And because of that one friend of mine go online and discover that you can order it online and she can have her Office Coffee within reach. Aside from that you can purchase in their website a Gift Baskets in case one of your friend who is a coffee lover celebrates his/her birthday or any kind of celebration.
Now I am thinking, after I also surf in the coffee website that this is one of the best gift that I am going to give to my hubby this Christmas I know for sure he will love it and so do I!! ^_^


George said…
We had some coffee from one of these coffee makers at a friend's house. The coffee was really good.

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