Catering picnic

Been lounging here and thinking about what would be like this afternoon when everybody is busy trick or treating. It's my first time to go out, I decided to go see kids doing their trick or treat is because the weather is bearable. Unlike the past few years when it's really cold and it's raining. Well today is a bit chilly but no rain which is really good.
When hubby and I got home from church I was surprised my Aunt who lives in New York leave a message for me.  She asked me when I am going to visit here since it's more than a decade that we saw each other. She told me that her family and some of our relatives who live in Chicago and California is going to have a reunion this coming Summer.  I returned her call and we chatted for hours. So she told me about our reunion next year. She is already looking for a picnic catering NY or a picnic catering NJ services. I asked her how she found out this caterers and she told me that every time they have a company picnics they always call them and asked for their services. It turned out that they are always happy and contented and happy with it. 
Now that my Aunt is the one who is planning our reunion and it would be either in New York or New Jersey I am sure it would be fun!! Meeting my relatives here in the US makes me excited and I can't wait to see them all! Happy Halloween!


robert said…
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