Online gaming

One time I was chatting with a friend because her husband was out for the whole night. As we talked I found out that her husband go to his friends house every Friday  for an online gaming. She told me it's a man's world so she opted to stay home and watched movie or chat online with friends. Well there is no problem with that because it's only for enjoyment purposes. She told me that his husband loves to play online. And that in his computer he had  Internet slots and he also just got Blackjack download in his computer. My friend continued to tell me that sometimes she also go online and play the game and she enjoyed it a lot!
This morning I chatted  my niece and she told me that she is good at poker game. I say, no way that you could be good at it because I could read her face right away. And she jokingly told me that she could play a poker face too in just a flick of a finger. I just laughed and I enjoyed what she told  me more. She told me that her father just had Poker flash downloaded in his computer and she likes to play with it but since she is not yet 18 she can't do that for now!! I told her that playing online is fun but you should also be responsible. Anyway, it would  be like 5 days until Summer ends and right here at my place it starts to get cold though I like it but I will also miss Summer. Happy weekend!


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