Looking for some one?

My husband has a friend who is looking for somebody. He was divorced for 5 years now and as he told my hubby his been single and not dating for that long. Hubby teased him that a man couldn't live happy without a woman on his side, and he just laugh. But the next time he sees us his attitude changed. He told hubby if I knew somebody who is single and is willing to date and know for a deeper relationship. I guess, what ever hubby had told him about our relationship ignited his curiosity to date again. As for me if you meet somebody who is compatible and who is willing to love you and care for you, you just hit a jackpot. Hubby thought that he deserve to be happy because he is a nice person. That's when I told hubby that in  alike personals website he could try to find somebody there and who knows it will lead to something serious. This morning he asked about how to get in this website and I told him to come over in the house and I will teach him. I hope he find a good woman!!


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