A family owned

 This is the sign you can see infront of the house of my mother in laws property. The house on the left  is her house. Though my hubby was not born in these house but he was told that the peonies around the house bloom the time he was born. The sign speaks how many years my DH family owned this house, and there are not many of them now, specially here in Michigan.
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Aoife.Troxel said…
That's cool, I didn't realise there even were signs like that; are they common, and how would you get one, would you have to do anything or would "they" come to you?
Pretty cool how one family can own it for so long ;)
Annie said…
Nice to see this kind of continuity. I hope they are in business for another 100 years.
Lui said…
Wow, Manang Kim, what pride of place! I once worked with a team to help preserve a town and it is now listed as a cultural heritage property!

Great 100!
Ralph said…
This is a wonderful family ruby! Far fewer farms exist today, even fewer family run. So this sign says something special - nothing can be stronger than family bonds. Happy 100!
George said…
I think it is wonderful that the farm has remained in your husband's family all these years. The picture is perfect for Sepia Scenes.
jeannette said…
Really cool that you have this pic (and very nice in sepia) as a memory!

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