Resorts for golf in Myrtle Beach

Wow today is been to hot it's like the highlight of summer. Though later in the afternoon the sky became gloomy but it's to humid I do hope it will rain so it will cool off. Been out for the whole day hubby and I went to his friends house whom he haven't since he retired from his work. They were exchanging what's going on with their lives after almost 15 years of being a retiree. My hubby is not into sports but his friend who just came from Myrtle beach told him that we have to go down there before summer ends hehe. Oh how I wish we could this instance I have missed swimming on the beach and just love going there. DH friend told him that his son told him to check the website to find out the best resorts for golf in Myrtle Beach.
He didn't expect after when he browse the website he found out so my good deals down in Myrtle Beach. He thought that if it's summer the prices goes up and all but it was not. The golf packages in Myrtle Beach is more affordable and it has a lot of packages to choose from. And since it's only him and his wife they get a very good rate so far. That is why along with their conversation DH friend keep on bugging my hubby to get online and checked the rate for us. But hubby is hesitant because I knew he wants me to check it for us and doesn't want to bother other people for it.
 I so wish that by the end of this Summer or even Fall we can get out and visit Myrtle beach. I would be happy for that because I love to try golfing too even if it's only two or three holes that I would play that is fine with  me. ^_^


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