Preparing for CAT 2011 Entrance Exam

I don't know about other people but every time I take an exam specially those that are for national exam it makes me scared. I think it is very natural for anybody to feel that because we are only human. If we don't have a feeling then we can be robot! Anyhow, I've experienced taking a professional exam long time ago and when the first exam came my brain was blocked out. I couldn't remember anything even, I panic of course but I didn't set the panic ruin me, it's kind of mind over mind, I rest myself for awhile, and I think after less than 30 minutes slowly but surely I started to remember everything. Then I started to read my questionnaire then answer what is question.
Next year some people who is waiting to take the CAT 2011 Entrance Exam will take the dose of what it takes to take an entrance exam like this. Of course, I don't doubt that everybody is ready to take the exam, I think they even purchase books and some took a review course just to pass this entrance exam. I know all of them wanted to pass this exam for this will lead to another avenue of their career. I just do hope that what ever the outcome they are ready to move on.


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