No medical exam

When I learned that many here in the US doesn't have a  health insurance I was surprised. I thought that all the people here had medical insurance. Then when I learned that many of the health insurances companies requires a lot to the client I then knew why. Sometimes we think that because we have a health insurance we are okey. But sometimes we don't read the policy or what are the limits of our health insurance we just didn't like to asked. One time our relatives were talking about health insurances what company they paid to, and I knew that some of them requires our medical exam. Now I knew one that has No Medical Exam Life Insurance it is kind of cool to those people who can't pass to those health insurances who asked for medical exam. If I am asked if what I do like to get as a health insurance this one that don't need a medical exam is what I choose. It's awesome because you feel like you are trusted with your health. Happy Monday!


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