Multiple Sclerosis

When I came here in the US I knew right away that DH has a huge family. For just his own family it is already huge more so with the relatives from both his mother and father side it's like almost all the town surrounding our area are relatives ^_^. In comparing to where I came from our family is not huge at all. And we are not even close so I didn't know much to some of our distant relatives.
Then I found out that one of my DH daughter is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. She is been bound many years inside their house and in her wheel chair. Every time DH and I came to visit her sometimes she doesn't want to face us or doesn't want to accept visitors I guess she doesn't feel good or feeling aches or pains every where in her body. This makes her Dad worries because her Dad wants to help her but she doesn't want it. Thankfully her husband is very supportive of her along this years. I once asked my hubby where does   D got her Multiple Sclerosis, does she feel or known the Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms before it hits her? Hubby could only say that she had this car accident and he guess that starts from there, which he can't vouch of that is really the reason.
D was a vibrant woman before she got the disease and when she got it everything was lost. As I've said she was bound in there house 24/7 and we couldn't tell her to get out because if she feels not good she won't go out. Stubbornness and feeling depressed are most likely they feel. The other day we visited her and her husband and we talked for awhile. Thankfully, that day she feels good she walked around with her metal cane that she could just push. And she was laughing with us, her Dad shared her and her husband about  Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms, Diet & Exercise as well as Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms & Exercise Guide. Hubby is so destined that his daughter D will quit her smoking because he knew it doesn't do good on her much so she needs good diet for her body to recuperate and accept the treatment well. D's husband as I have observed is very willing to learn and helped D, he told us that he will let D exercise even inside  the confinement of their own home. Good thing that we found this website who gives a lot of information about Multiple sclerosis, kudos to them.


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