Just being silent..

Are you are person who can't stay longer enough because it's too quite and so therefore you have to turn on your radio, or tv or any kind of sound possible in order for you not to listen to the deep silence around you? When I was working way back in the 90's, I happened to know this person and she is very prayerful person. As our friendship grows she and a bunch of friends encourage us to visit a Monastery. And this Monastery is the Transfiguration Monastery in Malaybalay, Bukidnon. Before going there as we all are first timer we don't have any idea what will happened and what we gonna do there. So when we arrived the place, we were like our jaw drop our eyes grew big, it's so quite you don't want to move you are afraid you are culprit of making noise. Some of my friends started to cry they can't take the deep silence inside the confine of the Monastery. So when a monk came and welcome us. He orient us what to do, of course we have to get up at 3:00am for the first prayer and at 7:00 pm it's time to sleep and total silence. My friends and I of course looked at each other how in the world could we sleep at 7:00 pm?? In the city, night time is the beginning of happy time hahahaha!! Right? Anyway, it turns out that the schedule is right, at 3:00am we started the day praying, then we went to Mass, after that our breakfast, and since we are guest we don't have to till the land but read the scriptures and one monk came to us to do a spiritual talk. After that experienced, we are drawn to came back more often. 
With that experienced I realize what we need in this world is to be silent inside and out. The noise of the world drawn us to be stressful and get antsy and because of that we feel empty and because we feel empty we look things that we make happy. And most of the times we ended up in the wrong way of finding what makes us happy. We can't find happiness in material things rather we find it in the most recesses of our being. Look for it and by looking for it we have to silent.


EcoRover said…
What a wonderful story about finding inner peace and a spiritual path. Good luck on your journey!

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