I need a new tiles

Last year, when I was in the Philippines for a month long vacation and when I got home hubby surprises me because he changed the tiles in our master bathromm!! It was a long time dream for me and at that time he and his son worked for it. Of course I was so happy for it and I always like to cleaned it since the tiling was done.
Yesterday, hubby and I went to visit my step-daughters house and we noticed that their master bathroom wall is new. They just put a new Tiles!! I so love the color. I started to asked question because I am very impressed about how beautiful the tiles are. So I later knew that they ordered it online. They've been looking at a certain kind of tiles called Subway tiles and they found it online. Steve my step-daughter son who has a business in yard work is the one who told them about Subway tiles. At first they are a little bit doubtful about it because they haven't seen it yet. But when they asked for a sample and they see it for real they knew they got the tiles they wanted. Now I am thinking of changing our master bathroom wall hehe. Our  bathroom has a cheap  kind of tiles and even hubby don't like it. So hoping to change it soon before or after Winter, crossing my finger!


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