Fall is for Footbal

Guest post by Gerard Mcdaniel

When it comes to the fall, my son always breaks out his shoulder pads and helmet, and counts down the days until he can try out for the 78er football team. He has numerous friends on the team, and the families always come together to tailgate before each game. Afterward, we take them out for pizza to celebrate a victory or mourn over a loss.
It's important to me that I be there to cheer my son on during his games. I remember when I competed, my parents weren't always there. It wasn't their fault, but I know I felt a little down when everyone else had their mom or dad cheering for them. Now that my parents are retired, they make sure to come to as many games as they can. My son loves when Nana and Papa show up.
When it comes to game day, I pack a cooler full of drinks, set the home security around Omaha, and I'm out the door. You have to be there early to have a decent parking spot. And grilling up food takes a bit of time. What matters is that my son has fun, and plays with great sportsmanship. I know I'll be there to cheer him on. I hope he can enjoy the game and hopefully move on to the high school team next year.


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