Connecting with the youth group

Guest post written by Alice Watson

Every fall, the kids from the youth group at my church volunteer a few Saturdays to rake leaves in mine and the lawns of other seniors that go to our church. I always enjoy being around the teenagers in the youth group and am really grateful that they help me with this, which would take a long time to do if I tried to do it myself.
To show my appreciation, I like to bake them cookies and brownies and provide them with refreshments in exchange for all their hard work. Last year while I was circling around with the plate of cookies, I was trying to make conversation with the kids, but was having a hard time understanding them. Eventually they realized I was having trouble with that and started to speak loudly to me. It helped, but I realized that I didn’t want to inconvenience those around me with my hearing problems.
I found some information about Hearing aid locations in Florida and got some hearing devices. Now I feel more confident in talking to people, especially the teenagers in the youth group – who I go up to after worship services and talk to more often.


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