Boat Holidays

It's been awhile I haven't chatted with my cousins in London. Well this morning we got a chance chatting to each other. As a newly wed couple she is still trying to adjust the new life is just embarked. Her husband is also a nurse in the same hospital she worked for years. That is what she is thankful because they worked on the same hospital though they have different shifts. I asked her how's the honeymoon goes and she told me it was awesome. Of course at her wedding she told me she missed all her relatives and friends in the Philippines. I didn't even had a chance to attend  to her wedding but they were in my prayers. So she told me how happy and it was fun that they took the boat holidays. I told her before that in order for her not to get panic where to spend their honeymoon why not look online. And indeed she found one and she said it was awesome. They had a hard time which is which they are going to take because there are plenty of options. Now they knew what they gonna do next time if the are going for a holiday vacation. Good  for her she is happy and so the rest her relatives are happy too. ^_^


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