TV Programming packages

Last Friday as hubby and I were heading to Frankenmuth, we passed by small towns and I noticed some houses has still a tv antenna on top of their houses. I didn't know that their are still many people who are using tv antenna because as far as I know everybody has cable packages already. 

I told hubby about what I have noticed and he told me that up north or in upper peninsula I will see more tv antennas and what he knew too that tv antenna are already outdated in this time and generation. I remember it well back in the Philippines when we had our first tv we should also have to have a tv antenna. And if it is windy or the rain pours hard the tv reception became scratchy. Well now in this time everything is in cable and we have so many choices. I found out that there are many tv programming packages just like DIRECTV packages and Dish packages
And each and every one of them offers good price per year. They give you plenty of channels to choose from depending on what you like. Just like me who likes a thriller/suspense movie and hubby likes news they have it all. What you can do is just click the highlighted words and you could find there rates. My step-daughter who has a cabin up north, just this holiday weekend had decided to installed a tv cable packages. She told me that even if they are in the middle of the woods they knew what is the latest news  because they can watch it on tv.


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