Repair pal

Wow it's too hot today and this morning as I always do I went outside and walked around and checked my vegetables. I found out they all need rain water!! I hope today it will rain I was checking at the weather channel and it says their might be a rain, well I hope so!!
I find checking as like checking our cars if it is tune up or nothing is bad lurking around. It will be a bummer if in case we are in the middle of nowhere and all of  a sudden the car get cranky what you will do. Today I talked to my step daughter and she says that her son went to Chicago last holiday weekend and when they were their with his whole family the car just stop in the middle of the road which is where the heavy traffic is located. He was thankful that when he call  his friend he referred to Chicago auto repair and right there and then they were towed and he felt a relief to be out of that busy road.
His friend was so nice to them that he allowed his Toyota Corolla to be used by him and his family as well. So their vacation in Chicago turned out really good. Later they found out that the problem on her sons car is that water pump. And he take aback because he thought he did tune up everything but he forgot to replace the water pump which he never replace it before. After I heard my step-daughter story I pays to have a good friend, right?


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