Rain barrel

Wow it's Friday again! How the days go by so quick you wonder where those time goes. This weekend is Independence day weekend and everybody is busy planning where to watch fireworks display. Some towns had already their fireworks display but our town will be this coming Saturday. And the good thing is that we have a good weather this weekend, it's all sunny! No worries about rain!
Speaking of rain for months now I am saving the rain for my plants. The bad part is that I don't have a proper storage for it. I had a friend who also saves rain for her plants and she bought her rain barrels online. She showed me her rain barrel and oh my it's very pretty I like it very much.  Many might wonder why I have so save  rain water, well it's because rain water is the best water to put on my plants most specially my orchids. Rain water has nitrogen that helps the plants grow healthy and faster. 
This friend of mine did not only save water and put it in her rain water barrel but also they do rain harvesting since they live in Arizona and rain is very rare sometimes in her area. I remember when I was in Manila, Philippines, when it rained we have to get our huge basin and save rain water. It's because rain water can make our white shirts white that became yellow because of the water that comes from the wheel.
Right now, what I used in saving my rain water is a small garbage bin and thankfully I found a site through my friend a rain barrels for sale. As I was browsing their website I can't help but awed of how beautiful each rain water barrels they have. But I have an eye on two rain barrels already and thankfully it's on sale, yahoo!!


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