The New Kitchen Window

Thanks to guest blogger Will Simon for the post.

During our kitchen kitchen remodel last summer, we decided to replace the old kitchen window with a newer, more energy efficient model. Not only was this a good decision over the long run to help lower energy costs, but we were able to write off part of the purchase and get a bigger tax refund last year.
The old window found above the sink, leaked cold winter air like nobody's business. The new replace window does a much better job of keeping out the winter freeze. We got it by looking for the best sears windows in South Carolina. It's on a west facing wall, so the winds come whipping across the open field and press their way through every crack and crevice on that side of our house.
We chose a casement window that cranks open because I'm short and have had to climb on the countertop and into the sink to open the standard window we replaced. Even then, it was difficult to open. I'm young at this point, but in the next 10 to 20 years my body may not be as flexible as it is today. All of our current home improvements are based on the future needs we might have.
I'm in love with this new replace window. It's easy to open, easy to clean, keeps the cold air outside where it belongs, and I no longer need to hoist myself up onto the countertop to open it in the summertime.


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