Life insurance

I had a good time this afternoon, hubby and I were at the my friend's house she had a wedding anniversary party and they had a swimming pool. Well today was so humid I think the temperature reach up to the 80F I guess I am not sure but if it is not the feeling is that it's just too hot. So dipping to a pool refreshes everything and with the food that is prepared is just fantastic.
One of the guest in today's swimming pool party just came from Australia and him and his family lives there for quite sometime now. He is here to visit his ailing mother and he says he missed Michigan and we were joking if he also missed the snow, well he said yes too hahaha! The conversation shifted to different issues and then it came to the issue about his Australian life insurance. He compared it to his parents insurance here in the US and it has a little bit of differences. Since he said he is working in Australia he didn't hesitate from the very beginning to get a funeral insurance and a term life insurance for him and his wife. Hubby agreed to that too since we don't know what will gonna happen to us in the future. 
I remember when hubby and I had a conversation about funeral insurance and if I do agree about cremation. At first I don't agree in cremation and hubby don't too, but when I heard that the least expense for a funeral service here in the US is $6000  I am shocked!! Jeez I don't know it's expensive that is why I change my mind, and now I am okey with cremation for that reason. But hubby still don't agree with it. At the end we come up that it is right to just be prepared. Happy weekend!


The mortality rates of people are statistics found in the longevity charts of the life insurance companies and the second factor is your medical exam and history.

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