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Yesterday hubby and I went somewhere for a business thingy. While heading home I felt that I am starving not just hungry ^_^ I asked hubby if he is hungry too  and he said yes and what's good is that he knew I like to go to a Chinese restaurant specially if I am craving with Oriental food. 

While we were there and while eating hubby saw his old old friend  way back grade school!! Oh my, I had a good time watching them and hearing them talk about their childhood makes me smile. Through their conversation hubby found out that his friend live in Australia 40 years ago!! That is why DH didn't see him nor heard from him anymore because all his family were uprooted here in Michigan and transfered to Australia. They had so much to talked about hubby asked him about how's life in Australia. They compare notes about things specially life insurance Australia
Since they are already in their prime time that is what they are concerned of. Hubby told about what is going on here in the US specially our health care and his friends told more about his accident insurance and income insurance in Australia. I didn't know their is such a thing about income insurance. And I don't know we here in the US have that privilege or services. As I was listening to them I came to a realization that we do need to have an insurance. I think there are insurance companies that offers a cheaper rate but has a good policy and by what my DH friend told us it seems that he is doing good. 
We parted ways with exchanging cellphone numbers and home addresses and hoping that someday they could meet again. 


Ann said…
Thank you so much on commenting on my euthanasia post. It is a very difficult issue. We just hope we don't have to face it.

It is almost like when I decided not to have anymore children after Andrew. What would I do if I found out I was pregnant again with a sick baby. God is gracious, yesterday, Sam turned 14. He was a healthy baby. If he was Campomelic, I don't know if I would have aborted him.

On of my CS nuns had two CS babies. That's really tough. She carried the baby but it died inside her.

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