Yesterday we had a bad storm in our area and too bad DH, me and my step-daughter were outside grocery shopping for tomorrow's open house for Aaron. We were hopping from one store to another when the storm hit the area and we were soak wet. And because of the bad weather yesterday we saw traffic and accident on the road and what makes it very bad some traffic lights is off!! We were heading to one super store passing an accident, our talked shifted about real life insurance and how many could afford it right now. Some opted for sure not to get an insurance and some do get one because they knew it would help to their family if something happened to them. 
Then today again early in the morning we went grocery shopping and then we stopped by at my step-daughters house. They were so busy cleaning the pool, cleaning and arranging the chairs and hubby was fixing their centralized air condition. Hubby and my step-daughter husband were working at the basement when hubby received a phone call that his cousin died. It was kind of sad, of course but that cousin of him is sick for quite sometime. My step-daughter asked her Dad if his cousin had a  funeral insurance and he thinks he had. Which is really good so his family they would not have a problem where to find money for the funeral. 
Anyhow, I have known people prefer to have cremation for one reason that they can't even afford a cheap funeral insurance. I have known that the cheapest funeral expense worth at least $6,000 where the heck could we found that money ^_^. That is why I think it's better to have insurances just to prepare things of the unknown. 


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