Golf course sign

Each and everyone of us has a favorite sports to watch. Some like to watch bowling, football or basketball and some do like golf. And many even idolize Tiger Woods because he is the famous golf players of all time, right? Anyhow, every time hubby and I go for a ride going to places here in MI I found out that there are many golf courses around even here in my area. And I can't believe how beautiful golf course signage they put on the property. 
This morning my DH step son came to accompany him to play golf. Today is the best  day to play golf so he says. Hubby is not as sports minded as his sons are but he likes to go with them if time permits. And they were talking today about the golf course that Tim go all the time. He says the golf course owner spend a lot of money to replace a very colorful and durable golf course signs and he himself approve by it. He says golf course sign could make the golf course very appealing to people who come and play. By that I so agree I am a kind of person who appreciates effort and curb appeal. ^_^ 


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