Dish specials

Some people like to watch movie in the theater or watch tv in the comfort of their home, right? For me I like to watch cable specials in the comfort of my home where I could lay down on my cozy couch and not worry if people would hear me hollering  over horror movies or cheering to my favorite sports game.
Hubby love to watched tv and since he likes news and documentary or old movies and I like the thriller suspense   kind of movie hubby decided to get a Dish special for us. The monthly payment is affordable and you can choose tons of movies 24/7, how cool is that? Since we had the Dish special I've never get bored and I enjoyed it a lot, and if I am happy for things like this hubby is happy for me too, how sweet huh!
Right now I am watching the specials  that you can get if you have one on your cable. One thing to have specials you can also watch your favorite sports game. Last night, my step-daughter and her husband was here and we are watching a movie and they asked us about  what tv provider we've got  and we told them about the cable specials and they are amazed how many channels we can choose. Now they are thinking of changing their tv provider because we also told them that ours is cheap and we get the same channel they've got, how is that huh!


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