ABC Wednesday~Z

Today, we went to Oakland county fair and for sure I had many animals pictures. 



Up close and personal ^_^
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Sylvia K said…
Marvelous captures for the day! Love the zebra! Have a great day!

Gayle said…
Isn't it amazing that not only are each zebras stripes different but their mane stands stright up and the pattern of the stripes continues to the mane! Great photos.
I hear the zebu say, "don't mess with me! be happy I'm behind this fence!"

ROG, ABC Wednesday team
Tumblewords: said…
Great capture of the zebu! I'm quite fond of zebras, for sure. Good photos!
photowannabe said…
A zebra at the fair is quite unusual. Great post for the letter Z.
mrsnesbitt said…
It has been years since I was at a zoo so Thanks so much - hope to see you in Round 7!
ABC Team
Beverley Baird said…
Great photos of the "z" zoo animals!
Ann said…
Used to have a book which explained why the Zebra got it's stripes/

How come everyone knows about the zebra and no body knows the zebu. Some one should paint stripes on him
Great shot. I have a zebra in my blog too. If you can, visit it.



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