Do you hear this saying "The eyes is the window of your soul"? Most of us can see through the eyes of our friends, husband/wife, relatives what is going on in his/her life by just looking at his/her eyes. Am I right?  I remember growing up my mother used to tell us kids not to wash our face right away (from reading or coming from outside) because it will damage our eyes. Sometimes I  follow the instruction of my mom and sometimes I don't. Then when I was in college I have a problem with my eyes I can't see afar. That is when I wear a correcting eyeglasses. It does help somehow but after college I didn't use any eyeglasses anymore I feel uneasy to do things I wanted to finished right away.
Anyhow, when I got here in the US and with a lot of time in front of the computer my eye problem came back. Thankfully, I found an eyeglasses  that is cheap but fashionable. It's worth the money and I look classy which that is what I do like though ^_^.


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