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I've meet my DH here in the internet, if I would recall we started emailing since 2001, we chatted for two years and meet personally in 2003. So through all those times I am familiar and noticed a lot of changes in the internet. If before in my place in the Philippines there were only at least 5 internet cafes (that's the whole city), now almost all the streets has one or two internet cafes and some people who can afford to buy computers and could pay an internet connection have one in their house.
I started blogging 2005 and since then I meet a lot of people who became my friends. Then I noticed that many of my friends have their own domain they are becoming a geek I thought. I found out through our conversation  that they found some webhosting online that could provide great service specially in their blogging.   I am amused because I never thought of looking and availing those services. Now I am surfing and trying to know what is best for my blogging site. I see that there are many great web host and I am hoping I could avail with it.
My DH's two grandson who just graduated high school last Sunday they are interested in computers in other words internet ^_^. While we were talking and at the same time eating to celebrate their graduation they are so eager to show us their work in their laptop. Aaron said that it is really a need to have your own domain. And he further says that there are many webhosting services now that provide good quality and you don't have to worry about what to do if you are lost. That is  my kind of host! Happy Wednesday!


imriz said…
ouch! that's me, a total MEDIOCRE in this whole techie thing.
Dharma Shots said…
Yours and ours have the same blue sky right now. I've just been back from my walks and it was pretty cool day. Have a nice day Manang.

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