An arbor in your garden

I've been garage sale-ing this past few weeks now trying to find some good but cheap stuff for my backyard. Somehow I did find some that is really cheap and what I do paint some clean some and then voila it's like good as new. Then last two years ago I planted my first rose it was a salmon color. I love roses but I didn't know it takes a lot of extra care to make it bloom like others. I have many friends here in blogland where their roses are very pretty and they really do take care of them. They put garden arbors in their garden to make sure that the rose could not be move or mowed.  And people will knew that it's a protected garden lol! Anyhow, it is my dream to have at least two arbors it could be a wooden arbors it doesn't matter to me. Since it does really make a garden beautiful. Accesorizing a garden or backyard is not that cheap too haha. That is why when I found out about arbor I look at it immediately in the internet and here they are very beautifully design. Well, I am not in a hurry to make a drastic make-over at our backyard, I like to do it slowly but surely though. Happy Monday!


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