SSS~Giant Me

                                           Yes I am giant me when I took this picture the other day.

                                       Visit SHADOW SHOT SUNDAY for more shadow photos


Sylvia K said…
And I thought my legs were long!!! Wow! What terrific shots! I love your elongated shadow! Hope your weekend is going well! Enjoy!

Great Shadow shot. Wish my legs were that long.
BLOGitse said…
Your shadow looks like me! :)

Happy SSS from Casa,
have a great week ahead!

Spadoman said…
Very Cool! Seems as though you're stretched out a bit. The sun can do that. I like it.

Annie said…
Nothing like a late afternoon sun to give us the inches nature didn't give us. Fun.
wanderlust said…
A long stretchy giant! Looks great!
Birgitta said…
Cool shadow shots! Like them!
jabblog said…
Lovely shadows on that fresh green grass.

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