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It's a beautiful day today, thankfully we can see the sun now unlike in Winter time and the last few days that it's gloomy and rainy. Though it's windy sometimes but it's not that chilly which is okey for me because from time to time I  like to do yard work. I've been planting flowers which this year I might not have enough blossoms but for sure next year it will. 
 School classes in the Philippines is soon to open . But here in the US they are almost to close up. But my daughter in law is enrolling for a Respiratory therapist and she is in her second semester now. I asked her one time if there is math involve in the course and she said yes. Oh gush, why all the course has a subject in math? She even had a hard time coping with it the last semester because it's been awhile she was out of school lol! She was just thankful that her daughter who is in school too, told her to check out online math tutor. So she checked it out and found out that there is such thing as math tutors online she find it so cool! She can't believe that going to the site has even a free online tutoring which is very surprising because now a days where can you find that kind of deal. But if you go further to their services they are so cheap and they are there just within your reach. 
My DH granddaughter is going to be in K12 next school opening and her parents already set for her to get an online tutor. I myself could say she is so lucky her parents are so well prepare for her education. Getting a math problem solver is for me making myself confident in taking those math subject passable. I realize now that everywhere you go math is everybody's problem did anybody realize that? It is very rare that I heard that  a certain person like tremendously about math, it always that everybody has a problem with it. So for any one who need math help look for a math tutor to boost the self-confident in taking the subject everybody don't want to get. 


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