Need a fence

Yesterday hubby and I were at the backyard figuring out where to put our garden this year. Almost two years we had a garden and this year he wanted to have one but I am not too excited to have it this year. Because two years ago I was frustrated of the outcome of my garden. I planted plenty of squash but to my dismay it was eaten by woodchucks who are as huge as a piglet. Every time a blossom came out and I get excited about it the next day the woodchuck ate it. That is why I told hubby that if we don't put ask san diego fence co to what kind of fence we are going to put around the garden I am not too happy about gardening. So yesterday, hubby started to plow the soil and it so happened the tractor quits hehehehe. Well I guess today he is going to resume his work he is determined to have a garden while I am determine to buy fresh produce at the farmers market. ^_^


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