Miss Michigan is Miss USA

Well yesterday was the competition and coronation night for Miss USA 2010! And fortunately our very own Miss Michigan Ms. Rima Fakih got the coveted Miss USA 2010 crown. As I was watching the show I could tell she will win. She had the poise, the beauty and of course the brain. They don't know if Ms. Fakih is the first arab descent who won Miss USA but she got it all and I am hoping that she will also win for Miss Universe 2010. As  a Michigander itself I am so proud of her too. Now I have two bet for Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Philippines!! 


Life Moto said…
hindi na ata uso ang puti sa america ngayon :) si obama black ito naman morena.

btw manang paki sama sa prayer mo ang Pinakamamahal Nanay Namin na maging negative ang result ng CTscan. thank you and God bless!

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