Buy gold

We have seen so much on tv about gold bullion and buy bullion but what is a bullion? I look at it in the dictionary and it says a bullion is a bars of gold or silver or mass of metal. Hmmm interesting, now that I knew what is a bullion means then I knew what is all about how to  buy gold bullion. Isn't it just right that if we buy something specially if  we invest on something we have to know about what we are going to buy and how is everything on it? 
Every Saturday is our family brunch time and last Saturday there were several who was there. In the course of the conversation my DH cousin told us about how he invest his money to good commodity. And that is for sure placing his IRA to gold IRA, and we were like really? Is there something like that? We listened to him intently because he is really good in explaining how it goes and how he did it. Just like what the economy is doing right now when every pensions are going low and not getting any higher it's not too late to invest. He did encourage us to buy gold bullion because it's the only commodity that never goes down it only goes higher. My DH cousin is enjoying right now of what he is investing before but he told us that it's never too late. When we got home DH checked immediately about how  to buy bullion and that is for me a good sign. ^_^


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