To stand out

Last Sunday, it was my friends baby shower party. Then Tuesday was my birthday and yesterday hubby and I accompanied my friend to INS for her biometrics in Detroit. Tonight, we are going to have a family dinner at Lucky's for my birthday and my DH's SIL's birthday. And then tomorrow there will be another party for me and my friend Gel at another Asian restaurant, gush everything is so hectic huh! I think this is what happened if in a particular month many is going to celebrate their birthday's.
Anyhow, every time I came to a restaurant what I look for is their color business cards. Here at home I have this small box and I put there all business cards that I took from everywhere. It fascinates me and captures my attention if it is colored and well design. You see in this time and economy businesses has a hard time competing if you wouldn't compete it well. A best business cards is for me the most appropriate to look up to in starting a business. Yes, it is a very small piece of paper but hey, if you can capture an attention it is something else. Just like me who likes to keep color business cards it is something else. Sometimes hubby likes to know a certain business and I happened to kept the business cards, I just took my box and start to look for it, it is very handy. Last Sunday, at my friends house, since they have a lawn business my friend was asking us if we knew where to find a color flyer printing for their business. Because they are planning to print some flyers so they could hand it to people in the mall, park or some public places. As I've said in this tight economy businesses should also take time to tell people that they are still here and that they need us the customers for their services. And a good color flyer and color business cards is a must!


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