Tel Aviv accommodation

Our day starts with  sunshine, though it is a little bit cold but no snow and no hail. So for me I am okey with it as long as it is not gloomy. Last night, we went our for a birthday dinner at Lucky's restaurant and it was a big party there. Since the restaurant specialty is fish I ordered fish of course and an eat all you can vegetable salad. As we talked and compare notes about whose birthday is coming and who was done, our conversation shifted to vacation time!! Somebody asked me aside from the Philippines what country I would love to visit, I told them it's Israel! Yup, I would love to go there and visit those places that are known in Christian world. It so happened that my SIL's son and family was there two  years ago and she told me they had a great experienced there. I asked them about the accommodation of the hotel they stayed in and she told me it was so great. She continued to tell us that Accommodation in Tel Aviv is great compare to what we've heard from other sources. When they get there they couldn't believe how many hotels, hostels and vacation apartments you can choose from. They are so thankful of the hotel they choose because it was almost in the middle of the city and they just walked going to places that they planned to go. She added to tell us that that next time we gonna have a get together she is going to show us the pictures they took from that vacation. And I am looking forward to it. 


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