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Happy Easter everyone!! Yesterday, was been very busy I thought I will just stay the whole day at the house and will gonna attend  the mass at night but we are out almost the whole day!! First, I went to a thrift store and look for some dresses for my nieces and nephew to send to the Philippines. Then I went to a store  to buy birthday cards and gifts since almost all the weekends now their is always an invitation for a birthday or shower party. Good thing that I used custom 3M post-its to remind me all those invitation from friends and relatives. Because if not I got lost or lost track of all the activities specially on weekends. So after doing some shopping I felt so hungry I told that we gonna eat somewhere so we did. But as we were inside the restaurant DH son called him and invited him for a birthday dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Thankfully, the dinner will start at 6:00pm by that time my stomach isn't that full already ^_^. But after all the hectic schedule hubby and I went to church to attend the Easter vigil mass, I was so happy that for so many years hubby and I attended this special event in the church. And I am also thankful that I found custom 3M post-its or else I am also at a lost. HAPPY EASTER!!


Anonymous said…
thanks for the comment on my blog, i really appreciate it :-)
have a Happy Easter!
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