Nail gun

Yay, today and this weekend we are going to have beautiful weather. The weather forecaster says that tomorrow over here in MI we are going to reach to 80F temperature I am so thrilled about it then. Well yesterday I plan to start my spring cleaning today. I tell myself to do it one room at a time since if I cleaned all the room in one time I get cranky at the end of the day because my back is aching and I am hungry too!
Last night I told hubby that anything of his tools that I will found out here inside the house will be toss out the window hahaha. He was saying to me "don't be mean on my tools" ^_^. Anyhow, that was only a joke but partly true and serious. He is been buying tools here and there specially if he needs one right away and he couldn't find what he need he will just go to a store and bought one at the end we have 2 or 3 hammers etc, etc. But what I am so amazed of what he bought online lately is the powder actuated nail gun it is very cool and he  need it more often. I told him that he has to put it inside his tool cabinet so nobody also would steal it or borrow it without his consent hmmp ^_^.  Tools are getting expensive and buying it all the time is not practical anymore. 


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