Banner stand

It does feel Spring now. Today the air is breezy but not chilly. The sun is out but not too hot. I so wish to see a lot of flowers this year and no more froze. Today hubby was planning to make a garden for me because he remember that every Good Friday his father plant the peas an onions on that day. I think that is what I am going to tell him tonight to pursue his plan. I like to plant anyway so why not, right?
And if it is Spring and Summer remember those flea markets? Fresh flowers and plants are harvested from time to time and I bet many farmers would love to buy a wholesale banner stand. My step-son is working in fairgrounds this summer and right now he is looking where to buy a wholesale banner stand thank goodness he found one which is fairly in good price and all. Right now I am imagining already where to shop for fresh plants, fruits and vegetables. I can't wait for my peach tree to bear fruits for the past two years it gave me sweet peaches. Hope everybody to have a Happy Easter!


Mama Zen said…
Happy Easter and happy planting!

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