Musically inclined?

I don't have kids I have three nieces and one nephew and somehow I could tell who is the musically inclined I think most of them lol! The other night while I was chatting with my older niece she is in  her  3rd year nursing  course she told me that she do really like to learned piano lessons. Before when she was in high school she did play in a band with friends. And she one time told me that she also like to learned how to play a violin. Hmmm I knew my eyebrow raised at that time because for sure just by the violin itself cost a fortune ^_^. 
This time she is also again very serious asking me to let her enroll in piano lessons but I told him we don't have piano how could she learn if we don't have one. She told me that she will only go to my cousins house and practice there or she is going to pay per hour to use their piano. My heart was so touched hearing her reasoning, this is the kid that you like to send to any kind of lesson because I could feel the determination and in her mind she already planned and set everything in case I have so many questions. Well at the end I told her to go for it and just be good. And I added telling her to teach her younger brother and sisters too so that we knew who will like it most or who won't, fingers cross.


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