Love fish

If somebody asked me if I do love animals I would say yes I do. I remember when I was young my father gave me this beautiful bird. I don't remember if I gave a name for that bird but what I do remember every morning I fed my pet banana. But one day my bird was gone, he escape from his cage from then on I didn't have a pet in any kind.
Today, I visited a friend and in her place she has this beautiful and awesome aquarium. I could tell the fish are not that cheap because they are just so gorgeous and very colorful. She decorated her aquarium with awesome WYSIWYG coral and she loves it when she buy coral because she feel it is her therapy for being bored. Her husband is working outside the state and she only sees him at least once a month. She was thankful that a friend of ours introduced her of raising fishes. Though she had plenty of money but still she also waits if there is coral for sale online. By that she could not spend too much money of just the decoration alone. She is planning to buy another aquarium and she told me that this time she knew what kind of fishes and corals she would put into. I told her if you love doing it go for it if that makes her happy why not!


Ganda ng acquarium, nice one... I love it.
Thanks for this info Kim.
Belated Happy Heart's Day pala, medyo busy, was not able to visit.
Anonymous said…
wow! amaizing! thanks for sharing!
belated happy valentine's day sa lahat! =)
Gennie Chan
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