Collecting mugs..

Yesterday, a friend and I meet at the mall for a get together. The last time that we meet was two weeks ago. We don't called each other much because she is working and I am also busy. So if time allows us we meet in the mall and had lunch together. After we had our lunch we both love to drink hot chocolate and we love to put it in our favorite mugs. As we are lining to get our hot chocolate I show my friend the very beautiful
ceramic promotional mugs that  I bought recently. She didn't expect that what I show to her is my gift to her. When I told her that would be hers she was so happy and she do love it very much. She is a coffee drinker for years and because of that she has so many mugs that is in her cupboard and she just wanted to look at it from time to time. One time she was telling me stories about each of her mugs, that keeps us awake almost the whole night just listening to her stories about her mugs.
Today, I received a call from her telling me that she enjoyed a lot of my ceramic promotional mugs that I gave to her a few weeks ago. I told her she is so special and that I knew that she loves collecting mugs so that is just appropriate for me to gave her one. I am so glad that she was happy about the ceramic promotional mugs that I gave to her I think I am going to give her another gift this coming Valentines day since it is their wedding anniversary too.


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