Valentines gifts

One month from today it will be Valentines day wohoo!! Do you have any plans or anything that is already schedule for this day alone? Last holiday season hubby showered me a lot of presents and I was very surprised because I never expected anything from him. This coming valentines day I am thinking I will be the one surprising him for a change lol!! I am planning of giving him a very special
Valentine's Day Gifts. For a man like my hubby who is very simple, it is very hard to find a very appropriate present. I am thinking of buying him a gift card to his favorite store, or I will just cook his favorite dish just like what I did last year. But whatever that I can come up with my plans for sure my Valentine's Day Gifts for him is special and that makes his eyes popped out lol!


rossel said…
oo nga ano malapit na valentines day? mag-iisip na naman me ng gifts for hubby and rj. haay! hirap mag-isip minsan.

Btw, nuts of make or break is hosting a contest right now. Can you help me win by leaving a comment on this link and say that you are referred by me?

Thank you in advance!
Wengss said…
I have not any plan yet. bitaw no valentines naman diay next month.
happy weekend

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