My mama's 10yr death anniversary

Actually my mama's 10yr death anniversary was last Sunday, October 25. Of course I remember her that day (everyday pa nga eh) the experienced that me, my sister, my brother and niece, relatives and friends endured.

I didn't want to post an entry about her reminiscing her passing because I don't want to CRY!! And browsing the pictures of her, looking at it, remembering those moments captured in the photos makes me cry and my heart keeps on beating like a gazillion of elephants running,  I like  to throw up. But I guess in life we have to face realities and some realities are not nice nor it makes us SMILE!! So today as I was browsing my picture folder I saw this picture of my mom on her 58 year birthday (she died at the age of 63). I was working in Iligan at this time and I promise to her that I would throw a party for her. Of course, as does any mother do they don't like the idea and she gave me all sort of alibi's and reasoning but I am destined to gave her a birthday party. See her big smile geezzz I missed that smile ( i am crying now gushhhhhnes!!!)
                                                          PAUSE IYAK MUNA AKO

oH MY oh my can't help it di ko mapigilan kasi..... hayyyyyyy life ano ba don't want to cry but I am kakaloka.....Yup I missed that smile, I missed her so muchhhhh  no words could I EVER describe. ........................I wish she is still here with us....I so missed her. And if Ma, I didn't tell you the words I love you so often but I knew you knew that I do love you very very much and that I will carry for the rest of my life. And I was so glad that I decided to came out from the convent to be with you in your last years and days of your life. I never regretted that decision because your my one and only mother REst in peace!!!


Beth said…
Ang sweet naman ng smile ng mama mo Manang Kim... at ang ganda-ganda ng mother mo.

Ganun yata talaga hindi natin maiwasan na hindi maiyak everytime na naaalala natin ang mga mahal natin na yumao na.
Very poignant at heart tugging naman ang post mong ito na nagpapakita nang pagmamahal mo at pagka miss sa mother mo. Ganun talaga ang buhay, you will never know how much a person means to you until that person is separated from you. One can only hope that she can make up for everything by spending her life in worthwhile living. Pero there is a sunny side to this. One day magkikita pa rin kayo and then you can say to her everything you want to say. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
i agree with beth... ganda ng mother mo manang at sweet ng smile nya. I'm sure ginagabayan ka nya always and she's happy for you..
Manang Kim said…
Hi Beth, totoo ka hinde talaga natin maiwasan maiyak, paano ba naman iisa lang parents natin diba at talaga namang nakaka-miss pag maalala ko sila.
Manang Kim said…
Hi Mel, that is why if I know somebody who maltreated their parents or doesn't show much care and love to them I feel bad. Because I knew how is the feeling of not having a parents anymore. And your right someday we gonna meet again and that will be forever and no more goodbyes.
Manang Kim said…
Hello Mer thank you, that is why I keep this picture like a treasure because it captures her all out smile. Pero lalo namang nakaka-missed diba.

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