Activities tonight...

Hubby called me late this afternoon that we are going out for a dinner with his son and his son's wife. Well I remember it is Friday and we have a restaurant close by that cook good fish chips. Around 6 pm we were headed to the restaurant and when we were there it smells fish good fish ^_^ So when the waitress came to take the orders I of course ordered the perch fish chips, with salad and french fries. But aside from the tartar that they usually dip their fish I asked for the vinegar kind of odd huh but not me!! LOL! Here is what I got.
We were in the driveway when I smell something really really good. Hubby point to me the full moon how nice it is to look at and how God made it so perfectly when all of a sudden I smell a really really good scent. I thought it was kind of a perfume worn by somebody but we are just alone in our driveway. Then I remember my DAMA de NOche!! Yesss it exudes good scent at night and hubby kept on smelling at it, as I  explain  to him why it is called Dama de noche or in english Night blooming cestrum. Here is the picture.


ryliej said…
meron nyan dito ate pink, mabango nga sya..
Joops said…
Wow, the photo made me miss the fish chips at LJS..
wow ang sarap naman ng food! mouthwatering ^_^

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